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                                                Venture Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.)Ltd



1993 :

Company incorporated in February.
First company in Pakistan to acquire agencies from South Korea.
Commenced commercial operation in August.
Launched oral product mix..

1994 :

Launched injectible of 3rd generation antibiotic (cefoperazone).
Launched ophthalmic range for eye preparation.

1995 :

Acquired agency of pharmaceutical company from Yugoslavia.
Launched analgesic range of products (diclofenac sodium).


1996 :

Acquired third agency from South Korea.
Launched 3rd generation antibiotic tablet (ofloxacin).


1997 :

Launched injectible range of 3rd generation antibiotic (ceftriaxone).

1998 :

Launched vitamin B12 for cerebral insufficiency (mecobalamin).

1999 :

New Head Office at Clifton, Karachi.
Launched chewable vitamin from USA for children.

2000 :

Operations begin in new Head Office with networking SAGELINE 50 financial systems.
Venture's products locally manufactured by Opal Laboratories.
Acquired agency for multi-vitamin, "Geriatric Pharmaton", Pharmaton SA, Switzerland.

2001 :

Local manufacturing of Venture's injectible ranges by Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Private) Limited, Karachi.
Launched sugar free multi-vitamin syrup for all ages.


2002 :

Launched Nostin (ebastine) anti-allergy medicine in tablet form.
Launched Clonap (diclofenac potassium) NSAIDS for relief from pain & inflammation.
Field force expansion.


2003 :

Signed agreement with Ophth Pharma (Private) Limited, Karachi - Pakistan for the 
manufacture of parenteral product. 

2004 :

Signed agreement with Medical House of UK for import, marketing and distribution of needle free Insulin Delivery System for Pakistan.

Signed agency agreement with Proel Pharmaceutical of Greece for import marketing and distribution of their product in Pakistan.

Signed agreement with Pharathen Pharmaceuticals of Greece for import marketing of their product in Pakistan.

Launched Venrith (chlrithromycin) tablet and suspension.

Launched Vencef (cefixim) capsuls and suspension.

Launched Fexheal (faxofenadine) tablet and capsul.

Launched Levopot (lenefloxacin) tablet and capsules.

2005 :

Launched Vencef(cefixim) Suspension 100mg

2006 :

Launched Fexheal (fexofenadine HCL) 60mg capsul , 120mg/80mg Tablets


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