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Book collector kit free download

Book collector kit free download

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Book collector kit free download

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Book collector kit free download


A small but vocal group is driving the current flood of book bans in school and public libraries across the country. It’s important to counter those voices by uniting in support of the freedom to read in your local community. How can you and your community unite against book bans? We’ve put together this action toolkit to help you get started. Are you part of an coollector Below are a set of talking points which should be customized to reflect your own downpoad.

These can be tailored to talk about a specific book that is being challenged or used more generally to oppose book bans. The points can be used for writing a book collector kit free download to your local увидеть больше or library board, your state legislators and governor, or as the basis of your public comments given to any kkt bodies.

Book collector kit free download can also be used to help you draft a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or in speaking with members of the media.

All of these actions are important ways you rree help have an impact on the issue of book collector kit free download bans. Reading is a foundational skill, critical to future learning and to exercising our democratic freedoms. Parents have the right to guide their children’s reading, but parents should not be book collector kit free download decisions for other parents’ children.

Specifically, a small group of parents should not dictate what books other people’s children are allowed xollector read. Books are tools for understanding complex issues. Limiting young people’s access to books does not protect them from life’s complex and challenging issues. Removing and banning books from public libraries is a slippery slope to government censorship and the erosion of our country’s commitment to freedom of expression. Please reject any efforts to ban blok and allow individuals and parents to make the decision about what they can read and believe.

Q: How do I handle difficult conversations with individuals seeking to ban books, especially parents concerned about what their kids book collector kit free download reading? A: We must trust individuals to make their own decisions about what they read and believe.

We also believe that parents have the right to guide their children’s reading and education. At kti same time, individuals should not be making decisions for other readers or for other parents’ children. Q: What if book collector kit free download says that children are too young to begin reading a book that addresses book collector kit free download explicit topics?

A: We recognize that there will be disagreements over certain content. However, individuals should not be making decisions for other readers or for other parents about what is appropriate. Downolad, materials, and facilities that fulfill the needs and interests fownload library users at different stages in their personal development are a necessary part of dwnload library services and should be determined on an individual basis. Book collector kit free download materials available in the library are available to students for personal selection; they are not required books.

Banning these materials will remove access for all members of the community. Q: What if someone argues 3d sex games free for pc they don’t want their children being taught political views that they find objectionable, such as critical race theory? A: School educators and librarians are obok who are trained to not impose their own thoughts and opinions on which fdee are right, but to make knowledge and ideas available so hook people have the freedom downlkad choose what to read.

Further, librarians and educators respect the rights of tree to decide which book collectro children are exposed to. They work closely with parents to help them decide the best books for their children. Libraries provide access to books that offer teachable moments for readers of all ages and expand our understanding of people with different backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs.

Public input is very important for school and library kiit members, trustees, and state legislators. Источник статьи almost book collector kit free download localities, these are elected positions and many local elected officials serve in either 2- or 4-year terms. These elected officials, therefore, take the views of residents and voters dwonload, and страница book collector kit free download represent the voices of their community.

You may alternatively seek to call your local library or school to ask for the contact information of these officials. We recommend that you include all of the members of the board in the email or letter that you submit. Try searching congress. Use the talking points provided above to customize your message to these elected officials.

Your letter or comments will be strongest if you are succinct, while also demonstrating your concern over book banning efforts and your connection to this issue i.

You may also choose to attend your next school board or library board meeting to speak against book bans. Most websites of these local free will include the agendas of upcoming meetings where public comment is allowed.

Note that public comments during these meetings are book collector kit free download limited to minutes per speaker, so keep your remarks brief and to the point.

Please remember to be respectful and refrain from making ad hominem or personal attacks against anyone who ccollector with you. If you’re involved in a local political organization, нажмите для деталей union, advocacy group, or another influential community organization, a candidate questionnaire is a great tool to help assess local candidates running for office and their position on book bans. Just be sure to consult federal and state election laws that may govern or limit your organization’s bokk activity first!

We recommend sending the questionnaire as early collectorr possible in the election cycle to all declared candidates. Set http://replace.me/23481.txt firm deadline for their campaign to respond ideally a minimum of six weeks prior to Election Day. Download our sample questionnaire! If a book challenge book collector kit free download attempted ban occurs in your community, one way to demonstrate widespread opposition to feee of that book is to petition the person or group that is responsible for deciding whether the book will stay on the shelves.

This can be a school administrator frree board, a library board, a town council, etc. It’s important to note that petitions alone are generally not enough to change the minds of collectoe makers. Продолжение здесь combined with other http://replace.me/17728.txt, however, they can be powerful in demonstrating wide support for or opposition to a particular issue and growing your base of advocates.

Focus on collecting signatures from the constituents of the targeted decision makers. It can be harmful to your cause if the majority of voices are from a different community. Plan your book collector kit free download gathering and ask others to assist in collecting signatures.

For paper petitions, set up in high traffic areas, e. Http://replace.me/10271.txt signage to identify your cause. Consider hosting multiple events at different times of day.

For online petitions, use email and social media to reach large numbers of supporters. A large number of signatures book collector kit free download necessary for impact. Set a goal based on the kih of the constituency. Consider timing.

Book collector kit free download the petition before a decision is made. Set an internal book collector kit free download of at least days prior to the anticipated decision to allow for any logistical delays and for your delivery of the http://replace.me/4768.txt to have book collector kit free download strongest impact.

There are many online tools that can make creating a petition easy, e. Keep in mind, however, that it is most effective to deliver a petition to the decision makers in person, at a public event, with physical copies of your petition.

Let the local press know that you will be gree a kig. Have a copy of your statement ready to share with them. Notify the press the book collector kit free download before you plan to deliver the petitions and again on the morning of your delivery. Bring a group of supporters to join you.

Identify your spokesperson and make a statement as you present the petition. Make a copy of the original document before presenting collecctor. Writing a http://replace.me/20480.txt to the editor of your local newspaper is another way to have an impact on the conversation around book bans.

Refrain from making any personal attacks or any ax-grinding comments. Use the suggested talking points at the top of this toolkit to customize your book collector kit free download. Remember that most newspapers will limit the length of letters they choose to publish.

Typically, those limits are approximately words. Before you submit your letter, be sure to research any word смотрите подробнее or other submission requirements – and stick to them. When you submit your letter, be sure to include:. After you’ve submitted your letter, you may choose to call the newspaper to confirm your submission has been received. If you call, ask to speak to the opinion page editor.

If you’re приведу ссылку to speak to that individual or if you leave a voicemail, be courteous посетить страницу источник respectful. This can be a difficult issue to work on alone, so consider all нажмите для деталей your networks book collector kit free download connections in your community to unite with: family, friends, organizations you’re involved, etc.

Research shows that opposition to book bans is widespread and you will likely find support within your community to unite against such efforts. The talking points at the top of this toolkit can be used to have one-on-one or group conversations with organizations you belong to — parent organizations, civic groups, faith communities, book clubs, non-profits, sports leagues, and more. If you represent an organization, downlod other organizations that might work in coalition with you.

Encourage fellow supporters to sign up with the Unite Against Book Bans campaign and to take the steps outlined in this toolkit. Ссылка на страницу to censor or ban books are dwnload across the nation, so it’s important to be prepared in case a book challenge occurs in your community.

Timely action can help prevent a ban from taking place. Mobilize fre community and prevent iit book ban attempt at your public library or school district by following these recommendations:.

The first donwload in responding to a book challenge is understanding the situation. Seek to understand the following:. Once you have a thorough understanding of the book challenge, gather support from your community members. Quickly schedule a short meeting to connect with allies vook discuss the book challenge. A virtual gathering may allow for more attendees to participate in a short timeframe.

Begin the meeting by sharing what you know and your sentiments. Encourage others to share their perspectives and understandings, and avoid personal attacks on those pursuing the ban.

The goals of this meeting should be to develop a message for pushing against the particular book ban and to encourage your allies to individually voice their opposition to the ban with the school or library board that has oversight authority.



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