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Microsoft Teams in Citrix VDI. – Microsoft Q&A.

Microsoft Teams in Citrix VDI. – Microsoft Q&A.

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– Install Teams & OneDrive in Citrix (Machine-Based) –

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If users are already logged in to other tenant IDs, they will not be synchronized further! This setting can be used to prevent users from paralyzing the system through the OneDrive sync. The minimum memory size is defined, from which the OneDrive client stops the synchronization. The user then gets a window with options to free up memory. A maximum percentage of the total bandwidth of the computer is defined for this.

The lower the percentage, the slower files are uploaded. Despite limiting the bandwidth via this setting, the app will synchronize files periodically without limit for 1 minute.

This ensures that small files are uploaded quickly despite the limitation. This setting should be defined for low bandwidths. This setting can be used to define that files with the file names or file extensions specified here are not uploaded. Normally I recommend the following settings:. This option is only available from client version This setting is important for multi-language environments. Should the Known Folders be copied to the cloud in the language selected by the user or in the primary language of the operating system Example: English Documents or German Dokumente.

The user is prompted if he marks many files for deletion at the same time. If the user does not confirm this query within 7 days, the files will not be deleted. Here you should define that the user is not allowed to choose where his OneDrive folder is stored.

However, it is not enough to activate the setting. Under Change location setting the Tenant ID must be specified and in the Value Field the setting must be activated by entering a 1. Script to copy data. Just wanted to know if you perhaps have some for FSlogix.

Our environment works on Citrix users only use the apps via website. In my environments I also only use FSLogix. The adjustments concerning the profile solution inclusion are directly included in FSLogix. Just make sure to exclude certain directories by redirection. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via Messenger Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I assume the exclusions are teams related?

Didnt see anything for one related. The most crucial folder to exclude from the capture is the following below This ensures that a total of 5GB per user is trimmed from the cache storage requirement at the first run of Teams.

The trade-off with VHD file solutions is that they add state, rather than removing it. In order to keep the size of the VHDs down, it is recommended to run regular pruning and compaction on the cache stores. This can be configured to run offline using community scripts from a variety of locations.

Microsoft recommend that AV exclusions for Teams are configured to allow best performance. Robust and performant network infrastructure is required to support Teams, particularly when using the audio and video calling features within meetings.

The following metrics suggest thresholds for performance on a network level. It is recommended that monitoring on both a network, hypervisor and session level is put in place to help with continually trending, baselining and assessing Teams performance. Without these metrics, judgements on performance become subjective.

Microsoft Teams is a difficult piece of software to deploy virtually, given the ever-changing nature of the software and the fast update cadence. Microsoft can make changes on a tenant level which affect the layout and performance of the user interface, without any change being made on the customer end.

This makes it a uniquely challenging application. With good monitoring, solid controls, continuous development and appropriate management buy-in, it can be deployed in a manner which provides a reliable user experience.

It must be reiterated, though, that this involves keeping on top of the deployment in a way that is possibly unfamiliar to operations teams. When the Teams client is updated, it must be uninstalled fully prior to updating — it cannot be upgraded in place. This makes a rolling rebuild mechanism using technologies such as Terraform, Packer, Ansible, etc.

Whilst it is appreciated that this is a big sea-change and not something many enterprises could undertake lightly, the shift towards infrastructure-as-code and a more devops-style deployment method would reap benefits in the longer term as more Office applications evolve to the same methodology as Teams.

So there you have it — a whole list of possible things you can do to optimize your Teams experience on Citrix. As I said, a lot of spin-off articles are hinted at here — they should be forthcoming pretty soon! Great write up. A couple of things we have found to help the experience is to limit the video to p on the thin client Windows OS. So encourage users to select that. He is a regular speaker at events around the world. Citrix have stated that this is coming Q1.

This is pretty important for customers who plan to use the full Teams telephony functionality on VDI. Please log in again. Attachments: Up to 10 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 3.

ErikaJuliettePrietoMartinez ,. It seems that the performance problem is caused by the compatibility. If possible, please try to set Teams to Windows 8 compatibility. Microsoft Apps for enterprise doesn’t support per-machine installations of Teams.

To use per-machine installation, you must exclude Teams from Microsoft Apps for enterprise. To learn more about Teams and Microsoft Apps for enterprise, see How to exclude Teams from new installations of Microsoft Apps for enterprise and Use Group Policy to control the installation of Teams.

At this point, the golden image setup is complete. This process adds a required registry key to the machine that lets the Teams installer know it is a VDI instance. Without it, the installer will error out, stating: “Installation has failed. Cannot install for all users when a VDI environment is not detected. All users can then uninstall Teams if they have admin credentials. PowerShell script : You can use the Teams deployment cleanup PowerShell script to uninstall Teams and remove the Teams folder for a user.

Run the script for each user profile in which Teams was installed on the computer. There are a variety of virtualized setup configurations, each with a different focus for optimization. For example, a configuration might focus on user density. When planning, consider the following to help optimize your setup based on your organization’s workload needs.

In addition to chat and collaboration, Teams on VDI with calling and meetings is available with supported virtualization provider platforms. Supported features are based on the WebRTC media stack and virtualization provider implementation. The following diagram provides an overview of the architecture.

If you currently run Teams without AV optimization in VDI and you use features that are not supported yet for optimization such as Give and take control when app sharing , you have to set virtualization provider policies to turn off Teams redirection. This means that Teams media sessions won’t be optimized. For steps on how to set policies to turn off Teams redirection, contact your virtualization provider.

We recommend that you evaluate your environment to identify any risks and requirements that can influence your overall cloud voice and video deployment. To learn more about how to prepare your network for Teams, see Prepare your organization’s network for Teams. The chat and collaboration experience works as expected. When media is needed, there are some experiences that might not meet user expectations on the Chrome browser:. If your organization wants to only use chat and collaboration features in Teams, you can set user-level policies to turn off calling and meeting functionality in Teams.

You can set policies by using the Teams admin center or PowerShell.


Microsoft Teams on VDI gets more features for calls and meetings – Microsoft Tech Community

Value Data : cmd. Less susceptible to the lowest common network quality scenario. In order for OneDrive to work in server operating systems multi-user capable , the Machine Based Installer must be used. Value Data : 1.


Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.Citrix HDX Optimization for Microsoft Teams: state of the union | Citrix Blogs

You can hardcode the maximum encoding resolution in the Citrix Workspace app for Linux and Windows. I did. In this case, Microsoft Teams sends four video streams to the client device for decoding.



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