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Windows 10 1903 update features free.Windows 10

Windows 10 1903 update features free.Windows 10

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Windows 10 1903 update features free

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Перейти на источник 10 May Update has finally reached its fextures stable state, making it the absolute best time to install Windows 10 version If you want to future proof your machine for the next few months and avoid installing Windows 10 October November Update until we know how bug-free it is, here is how to update your devices to Windows 10 v Microsoft released Windows 10 May Upddate earlier this year.

While the release itself went windows 10 1903 update features free, users reported numerous bugs and compatibility issues mostly triggered by the cumulative updates delivered ffee version in the following months. With this week’s October Patch Tuesday windows 10 1903 update features free updates, Microsoft has addressed nearly all the widely reported issues.

In the release notes, the Windows maker notes two known issues, one only affecting Surface Book 2 devices configured with Nvidia dGPU, and the other affecting Windows Update where updates fail to install on some machines error 0x Microsoft has fixed the dGPU issue; Surface Book 2 users can now windoqs to install Windows 10 after installing these firmware featurex.

Considering these aren’t breaking bugs and as Microsoft is getting ready to release the upcoming Windows 10 Посмотреть больше Update version to the public this month, now is the best time to install Windows 10 version to have your devices running the latest version of the operating system in its best, most bug-free state and to avoid installing the upcoming update for after effect free full version pc few windows 10 1903 update features free until we are sure it isn’t bringing any damning bugs.

Note: больше на странице devices running Windows 10the upcoming November Update will be delivered like a cumulative upeate. However, earlier versions will still have to go through the usual installation process. Step 2. Step 3. Next, click on Check for узнать больше under the Windows Update menu.

Don’t worry, clicking on check for updates doesn’t automatically install a new update now. You will have to click on Download and install fetures to begin the process. Step 4. After you click the Check for fere button, Featkres Update will start looking for any new updates available for your machine. This process makes sure you only receive a new feature update when it’s ready for your machine.

If there is a known issue affecting your device, Microsoft doesn’t offer a new здесь update through Windows Update. The above error code 0x appeared because I shut down the machine while it was still downloading Windows 10 If this happens, you can simply click on the Check for updates and then Download and install now button to proceed.

You will see the following status:. Step 5. Once Windows Update has downloaded the new feature update, you will be asked to restart your machine. You can choose to restart right there and then or at a later time. The restart process may take around 30 to 45 minutes but once you are done, your machine will autodesk inventor 2016 3d pdf free running the latest Windows 10, version No setup of any kind required.

Once you are done installing Windows 10 May Update, go through first 3 steps again to check for cumulative and security updates. This will install the latest October patches, which windowss fixes for most of the small bugs and annoyances.

Checking for updates will also install windoss available security updates. If you want a clean slate, you can also choose to download Windows 10 ISO files from Microsoft and install the operating system through the Update Assistant or Media Creation tool. If you are looking for steps on how to clean install windows 10 1903 update features freehead over windows 10 1903 update features free our earlier piece carrying detailed steps and screenshots on the process.

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How to Install Windows 10 – Best Time to Upgrade Is Now


When it comes to the PC market, Microsoft Windows rules the roost by a long distance as the entire competition seems to be more or less a one-horse race. Microsoft releases new features for Windows 10 in two major cycles. Sadly, most regular Windows 10 users are not familiar with those features. The latest Windows 10 May update, which happens to be version , is primarily focused on performance improvements and minor refinements.

There are quite a few features that are worth taking note of. Also, there is the recently released Windows 10 October update. Here, we have mentioned all the latest Windows 10 features that have released so far. However, after the Windows 10 May update 20H1 , Microsoft has added an option to limit the bandwidth of background Windows update. You can set a download limit and Windows 10 will not hog your internet bandwidth beyond that point.

I think for many PC users, this might be the best Windows 10 features to have come up in the last few years. The tool does not ship with Windows 10, but you need to install it separately. That said, the tool is tightly integrated with Windows 10 and has some amazing features which you are going to love.

Among all of them, I love using PowerToys Runs to quickly search for files, folders, programs, basically anything I want. It works just like the Spotlight feature on macOS and also has a similar visual look. With the Your Phone app, you can get smartphone notifications , text messages with the ability to reply, messages from WhatsApp and other social media apps, images from your smartphone, and much more.

The best part is that now you can even attend calls on your Windows 10 computer which is amazing. Not to mention, if you have a flagship Samsung device then you can even access Android apps on your PC. Basically, Your Phone bridges the gap between smartphones and PCs to offer a seamless experience across different ecosystems. So go ahead and use the Your Phone app on Windows It comes pre-installed on the latest version of Windows If the app is not available natively then you can download it from the Microsoft Store.

All in all, I would say, the Your Phone app is one of the best Windows 10 apps and you must give it a try. Change Refresh Rate After the Windows 10 October update 20H2 , you can now change the refresh rate of your display panel. This is going to be a very helpful Windows 10 feature, especially for gamers who generally opt for higher refresh rate panels. You can increase the refresh rate before gaming and reduce it for performing simple Windows tasks.

This way, you will save a lot of battery juice on gaming laptops. Unlike WSL 1, it comes with a real Linux kernel meaning the subsystem is not being emulated so the performance will be pretty good. If you want to get started with WSL 2 on Windows 10 then go through our linked guide. Cloud Download and Reset is one of my favorite Windows 10 features that has arrived after many years of wait. Now after the Windows 10 May update, anyone can reset their PC without having to go through the hassle of Windows 10 media creation tool or creating a bootable USB drive.

Windows 10 will itself download the latest build and will automatically clean install Windows 10 on your PC. However, it will remove all the installed apps and settings that you have customized. Also, it will delete all the C drive files including desktop data so make sure to move them to another drive. Nevertheless, the feature is a godsend and makes the Windows reinstallation process a breeze. Windows 10 and the smart TV use Miracast technology to cast the screen seamlessly.

We have written a detailed guide on how to cast Windows 10 to smart TVs so go through the tutorial and you will find the feature really helpful.

Virtual Desktop While Virtual Desktop has been available on Windows 10 for quite some time, now Microsoft has brought the option to rename your virtual desktops. You can rename it to your own preference and make it easier to navigate across various virtual desktops. So just double-click on the Desktop name and you will be able to rename it under the overview panel.

Keep in mind, the feature is only available on Windows 10 May update and later builds. While gaming, you can enable the FPS counter as an overlay window. The best part about this feature is that now you no longer have to rely on third-party apps like FRAPS. Here, you will find the new FPS option. Again, bear in mind, your PC should be on Windows 10 May update to get this feature. Winget Winget is a cool new feature of Windows 10 operating system.

For years, we have been waiting for a native package manager on Windows 10, but finally, Winget is here. In just one command, you can install apps without having to go through the installation wizard. There are many advantages of a package manager such as Winget. For instance, you can now bulk install Windows 10 apps with Winstall. Here, Winstall uses the Winget tool to deploy several commands at once.

So to get started with Winget , go through our linked guide. You can now save up to 26 most recent items you copied to the history. More significantly, it also lets you sync the copied items to other PCs connected with the same Microsoft account. Now, ensure that the options for Clipboard history and Sync across devices are ideally configured. What makes it super handy is the ability to let you test software securely in a completely isolated environment even without setting up a time-consuming virtual machine.

With the help of XML configuration files, you can disable network access and even be able to expose specific folders from your main Windows system. Moreover, when you close out Sandbox, all the data is automatically wiped out.

If you often find yourself dealing with some random or suspicious software, Sandbox would surely become your favorite. That said, note that this feature is only available for Windows 10 Pro users and not Windows 10 Home users.

To use Windows Sandbox, ensure that your computer supports hardware virtualization. Also, make sure your device has a minimum of 2 processor cores though 4 cores with hyperthreading are preferred. Then, you need to click the top result to get started with the Windows Features experience. Up next, go through a simple set-up and then start testing any software in a safe environment. Thankfully, Microsoft has now separated the core Windows 10 search and Cortana.

And, Cortana will be responsible for nothing more than voice searches, which appears to be a well-timed change. At times, I feel the need to search the entire system and not just file libraries and desktop , especially when looking for a file that seems to be missing. If you are also in the same boat, chances are you may appreciate this new feature as well. Windows 10 Pro already had the option to pause security updates.

With the May update, Microsoft has decided to roll it out in Windows 10 Home as well. Now, users can pause security updates for seven days up to five times. Moreover, the latest update also allows Windows users to skip major updates 18 months as long as the operating system has the support for security updates.

Now, turn on the toggle for Pause Updates. To activate this theme, click on the Start menu and choose Settings. Now, click on Personalization and select Colors. Tip: If you want to have the pie of both dark and light themes, choose Custom. Then, select separate options for apps and windows mode.

It will let you set apps in light mode and adorn Windows with a nice-looking dark theme. Uninstall More Default Apps As much as I have liked using Windows for years, I have never come to terms with the bloatware that eats into plenty of storage space.

With the Windows 10 May update, Microsoft has fulfilled my long wish to a great extent. Stream Spotify Music Right from Game Bar Imagine a situation where you are too engrossed with gaming to even spare a few moments to fine-tune your music. So, from now onwards, you can continue to bash the game boss or decimate your opponents without having to put your favorite music on the back burner.

After that, sign into your Spotify account and then get the most out of Spotify widget to play music and control playback. Log in Without a Password Who wants to remember passwords and enter them time and time again? Though some of the best password managers do make the sign in process smooth sailing, there is always a desire to embrace a life without passwords.

If my own experience holds true, I think no one enjoys dealing with passwords. Windows 10 has offered a better way to let users log in without a password.

Now, users can create Microsoft account using their phone number and then use Windows Hello for quick authentication. The latest Windows 10 update lets you set up the default tab when you launch Task Manager. Additionally, you can also check out whether an app supports DPI settings or not. Well, it has happened to many of us at some point or the other. But with Windows update, such an incident is less likely to happen as the operating system will automatically reserve around 7GB of drive space for updates, caches, and temporary files.

Now, check out the storage under the Reserved storage section. Going forward, whenever you open an app in full screen, Focus Assist will turn on automatically, thereby putting all the distractions away. Install Fonts Faster Until now, when you right-clicked on a font file in File Explorer and selected Install, you had to enter an admin credential and the font would be installed for all users.

Despite being an iconic feature of Windows for several years, the Start menu never had a pristine and clutter-free appearance. However, things seem to have changed for the better. The default Start menu now sports a single column and looks a lot cleaner than ever before. Better yet, you will now be able to unpin default group of tiles more conveniently. Smart Touch Keyboard If you are using Windows tablets, the new predictive feature can go a long way in accelerating your typing on the touch keyboard.


Windows 10 1903 update features free

If you use the Windows Defender Offline scanning tool, any detections it makes will now show in your history. Windows 10 version is also updating Task Manager with a new option to set your preferred tab when opening Task Manager using the Options menu. This new option must be enabled manually from the Windows Update settings page before you can benefit from it. For Endpoint Central build version If you’re using DC Build Version


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