We are a quality driven healthcare company specializing in Import, manufacture, marketing & distribution of Pharmaceutical, Herbal and Nutraceutical products.

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Important Land Mark

  • Company incorporated in February.
  • First company in Pakistan to acquire agencies from South Korea.
  • Commenced commercial operation in August.
  • Launched oral product mix.
  • Launched injectable range of 3rd generation antibiotic (ceftriaxone).
    Ventraxin range of products.
    • Launched active from of Vitamin B12 (Mecobalamin) by the brand name
      Balamin,Tablet & Injections for Nerve Regeneration & Cerebral


  • Local manufacturing of Venture's injectible ranges by Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Private) Limited, Karachi.
  • Launched sugar free multi-vitamin syrup BC Lyse for all ages.
  • Launched Nostin (Ebastine) anti-allergy medicine in tablet form.
  • Launched Clonap (Diclofenac potassium) NSAIDS for relief from pain & inflammation.
  • Field force expansion
  • Launched Vencef (cefixim) capsule and suspension.
  • Launched Venrith (chalrithromycin) tablet and suspension.
  • Signed agreement with Medical House of UK for import, marketing and distribution of needle free Insulin Delivery System for Pakistan.
  • Signed agency agreement with Proel Pharmaceutical of Greece for import marketing and distribution of their product in Pakistan.
  • Launched Authentic Herbal /Genuine Nutraceutical Product.
  • Vencof Natural Sugar free Cough Syrup.
  • Ven-Berry (Cranberry) in Pack of 10 sachets
  • More Natural Products are in the pipeline